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Grade 2 (2:05)

Call of the Wild

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Shaun Salem
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Let your students "Go Wild!" with this latest original work by Shaun Salem. With the excitement of its epic opening, an explosive percussion feature, and the intense, thematic build into its climactic ending, "Call of the Wild" delivers a powerful performance opportunity for your intermediate band!

Percussion parts are ordered by level of difficulty, so Percussion I may require stronger technique and experience than Percussion III. “Call of the Wild” also offers the band teacher a variety of teachable moments to introduce or review performance skills and concepts like dynamics, articulations, and syncopated rhythmic patterns. Your students will love learning and performing “Call of the Wild!”

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  • Complete set and spiral-bound score printed on archival-grade paper.
  • Full-color glossy score cover and jacket.
  • Composer biography.
  • Notes on the piece.