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Grade 4 1/2 (4:40)

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Steve Martin
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This piece was written to honor three mentors that had a powerful impact on the composer's musicianship, leadership, and passion for music. Gary P. Gilroy, Meryl J. Wamhoff, II and A.G. "Mack" McGrannahan all had their role in shaping the core of all things musical. Their intensity, passion, drive, and commitment to their craft are reflected in the power of the opening statement and the inherent mystery of the first theme. Their steadfastness and persistence are portrayed during the lyrical middle section, and their unrelenting motivation to be the best at their craft are represented in the final reprise section of the work. To the composer, these men exemplify true musicianship and educational leadership in their field. He is eternally grateful for their individual and collective roles in shaping who he is today.

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  • Complete set and spiral-bound score printed on archival-grade paper.
  • Full-color glossy score cover and jacket.
  • Composer biography.
  • Notes on the piece.