Band camp planning

Posted Jul 14, 2022

With Band Camp right around the corner, take the time to examine and evaluate your rehearsal plans to get optimal results for your band. We suggest meeting with your staff to establish a list of your band needs of music and visual fundamentals, and determine which specific elements of your show (choreography, prop work, singing) you might want to incorporate early in your band camp rehearsals. Cultivating these skills ahead of time will allow you and your program to move quickly through the rehearsal process later in the season. These staff meetings also allow you to select and review the technique books you’d like to use in the upcoming season. We suggest choosing warm-up routines that develop and reinforce the musical demands of your show.


Additionally, setting a consistent routine for your students will facilitate a productive learning environment. Mentally preparing your students for an activity will help them stay engaged with the material and the instruction. Many directors designate blocks of time for music, drill and visual instruction, making Band Camp (and normal rehearsal) easier to plan and run. These blocks allow staff to isolate specific skills and with specific groups without holding up the ensemble.


A morning sequence might look like this:

Creating a plan perfect for your group gives you control over the progress and success of your marching band!