Custom Services and Add-ons

GPG Music offers a wide variety of custom composition, design and consultation options. If you can't find music that's a "perfect fit" in our catalog, we can write something for you. We offer services with a wide variety of options and reasonable pricing. Call today for more information! 800.511-4634, ext.1.

 Our specialty at GPG Music is to provide unique, original compositions written specifically for marching band and indoor competition. This allows us to tailor every nuance of the production from start to finish without sacrificing sections of pre-existing music due to timing or instrumentation restrictions. It also allows you to dictate specific criteria for styles, ranges, and difficulty levels to achieve a perfect fit for your program.

Each year, GPG Music accepts a limited number of commissions for band, indoor percussion, indoor winds, and winter guard. If you are interested in having a show written specifically for your ensemble, please contact us to secure your slot on our schedule for the upcoming season.


In order to achieve a fully integrated musical and visual design, GPG Music offers drill design services to complement any pre-written or originally-composed show. GPG designers know our music better than anybody else and we have package pricing available, making GPG Music your one-stop shop. Please call for a customized quote.


Make the most of your pre-written drill purchase and have our team do the adaptation! Our professional design team will take your ensemble’s specific instrumentation and re-chart your drill to your exact ensemble size. *Please note this service does not include creative drill changes.


For Marching Band:

Availability is limited and delivery date openings are assigned based on our production calendar. Final instrumentation must be received at least five (5) weeks before the contracted delivery date of your drill. Delivery dates are scheduled after your order is processed. Most marching band adaptations are limited to 72-96 winds. Please contact us prior to placing your order if you require more than 72 winds in your adapted drill. 

For Indoor Percussion:

Availability is limited and delivery date openings are assigned based on our production calendar. Final instrumentation must be received at least five (5) weeks before the contracted delivery date of your drill. Delivery dates are scheduled after your order is processed. 

*Optional Animation Video of your Drill Adaptation


Optional Adapt-It-Yourself pre-written drill provides one adaptable drill size and requires you to modify the drill to your specific instrumentation using Pyware.



Color Guard choreography designed exclusively for our Marching Band Shows. Our all-inclusive package includes all of the items below at a fraction of the cost of custom choreography!


Take your show to the next level with awesome body visuals featuring count-by- count instructions for body movement! You can incorporate as much or as little into your show or use it as a springboard for your own ideas.


Spend less time in the band hall while your students learn their parts at home! These practice tracks help each student understand how their part fits into the overall composition. Select marching band shows include separate audio recordings of the Full Band, Winds Only, Full Percussion, Battery Only, and Front Ensemble Only. Indoor percussion shows include a recording of Full Percussion, Front Ensemble Only, Battery Only, Snares Only, Tenors Only, Basses Only, and Cymbals Only.


Give your students the power to learn the show music completely on their own! Downloadable student practice audio files for each instrument including a click track. These files allow the student to practice their part along with an audio file to help the performer attain greater rhythmic and pitch accuracy on their specific part. Partnered with the standard Student Practice Files, these audio files provide maximum flexibility and assistance for performers while they practice their music.


Put your design meetings in express mode! Get two hours of design consultation on the coordination of effects, Sound FX, Voiceovers, synthesizer patches, or the storyboarding of your specific show selection. Additional time may be purchased.


Managing your rehearsals has never been easier with this convenient pre-assembled durable zipper binder including the full score in sheet protectors. Extra compartments inside for storage of rehearsal tools such as pencil/stylus, metronome, tuner, etc.


Find harmony faster by fine-tuning the music and orchestration. We provide you a music XML file exported directly from the notation software that you can import into your own software. Tweak, change, and fix away until you have the perfect show to showcase for your ensemble’s strengths! Please note these files are in raw music XML format and import behavior into your software may be erratic. Delivered electronically.


Shift drill learning into overdrive. Increase the efficiency and productivity of your field rehearsals with this invaluable teaching tool! Each Rehearsal Track audio file contains a track starting from each set (with count-off) and running to the end of the song. Reinforce memorization and coordination of music to drill with this excellent teaching tool. Delivered electronically.



You or your drill writer will write better drill in less time with the tools in our Dream Kit.



If sound effects and/or voice-overs were used in the design, these are included with the show purchase to make it easy to maximize your general effect.


Have us create your soundscape for you or enhance your show with Sound FX!
We can create and provide you a ready-to-use MainStage file (Apple product) with synthesizer patches based on the sound libraries you have available for use.
We can create sound effects to enhance impacts, thematic ideas, or just have your show stand out with a different flavor. We will provide files in the file-type you need based on your equipment or can give you a ready-to-use MainStage file (Apple product).
*This product purchase is for one of these options. One purchase covers sound design for up to 2 synthesizer players OR one show of sound effects. If you are looking for both services or have an expanded vision for effects, contact us for a custom purchase price so you get exactly what you need.
**If this show already has Sound FX as a part of the design, you do not need to purchase this product to utilize those sounds as they are included in the price.