A Place for All!



Composer(s) / Arranger(s): Gary P. Gilroy

Performance Time: 7:53  |  Grade: 3 1/2

A Place For All! was commissioned by Amanda Posey, Director of Bands, Taft Union High School, and it is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Michael McCormick by the friends, family, and students of the Taft Union High School Band, Taft, California.

Mr. Michael McCormick was born in Taft, California.  During his freshman year of high school Michael McCormick began to study the trumpet in the Beginning Band under the guidance of Band Director A. James Marsee.  He soon joined the school’s marching band, jazz band and concert band and was very involved in the music program.  He attended Taft College and eventually graduated from Fresno State.

After college Mr. McCormick joined the Naval Reserves and earned the intelligence specialist rating now known as Specialty, NOS B600.  He would go on to teach music, coach swimming and serve as a counselor. He and his wife Pam (vocalist) had four daughters together.  He retired in 2010 but continued to volunteer as a music instructor at Taft High School and Lincoln Junior High School until his death in September of 2021.  In 2019 Mr. McCormick was inducted into the Taft Union High School Hall of Fame.

Taft Union High School Band Director Amanda Posey offered these kind words about Mr. McCormick:

Mr. McCormick had an amazing range of abilities.  He could teach the earliest beginner how to hold an instrument and the most advanced student working on a piece for an audition.  He impacted so many lives and programs.  Mr. McCormick was the driving force behind our band camp program.  He was always encouraging programs to move forward and looking for ways to improve.  Mr. McCormick invested his life in making Taft a welcoming place for all levels of musicians.


When discussing this commission with the composer, Mrs. Posey felt it was important for the work to reflect the positive impact Mr. McCormick has had on the band scene in the city and region of Taft, California.  He always encouraged young musicians and felt that band was “a place for all!”   Mrs. Posey was looking for a composition that would encourage the study of band instruments and the participation in the school band program for everyone and anyone.  After much thought and discussion it was decided that the new composition should introduce young listeners to the various beginning band instruments and the wonderful possibilities that each instrument has to offer.

A Place For All! is a wonderful journey through the world of beginning band instruments.  The idea is that high school or junior high school bands will learn this work and take it to the elementary schools’ assemblies just before the young 5th and 6th graders decide what instrument they will play in the school band program.  While there are parts for the oboe, bassoon, and French horn, these instruments are often not introduced to the youngest of beginning band students and therefore, the composition does not introduce or feature them.  Parts included for them are all optional and doubled in other areas of the score.

After a short introduction, a lightly-scored “vamp” section (measures 11-15) should be repeated as long as is needed for the opening script that introduces the flute section to be read over a public address system.  The score and parts are marked with indications for each section to stand as they are being featured.  As each section completes their short feature, all students should sit down in order to turn the attention to the next featured section.

In a salute to Mr. McCormick’s time spent in our nation’s military, a short fragment of the Navy Hymn Eternal Father Strong To Save, is quoted both in the opening introductory material (measures 1-4)  as well as the closing measures (measures 212-214) of this composition.  America is grateful for this dedicated Veteran and the City of Taft will be forever indebted to him for the positive impact he has had on their youth.  Mr. McCormick’s life was one of service and dedication to others and he should be honored and remembered forever.

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