Ave Maria



Composer(s) / Arranger(s): Steve Martin,

Performance Time: 2:07  |  Grade: 1  |  Style: Contemporary

Ave Maria has been set to music numerous times, the most famous and often played are written by Franz Biebl and Franz Shubert. Both of these versions feature singing of the prayer’s text in Latin over beautiful harmonies. These versions have been set in myriad orchestrations ranging from a single vocal soloist with piano accompaniment to full choral, orchestral and band orchestrations of the material.

This piece was commissioned and premiered by Michelle Sorenson and the Lourdes Academy Bands. Ms. Sorenson teaches grades 7 through 12 bands, and each grade level performs a unique arrangement of Ave Maria as they progress through the grade levels at Lourdes Academy. This commission was for her 7th grade band.

The works starts with the melody on flute, followed by layering in of the brass. The scoring is rich and dense, providing opportunities for experimenting with different harmonies in the company of fellow players. The piece climaxes with a brilliant key shift, then winds down to a sensitive and fulfilling resolution.

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