Circe's Curse



Composer(s) / Arranger(s): John Meehan

Performance Time: 4:20  |  Grade: 5  |  Style: Contemporary

Glaucus, a fisherman turned into a water God after ingesting a magical herb, falls in love with Scylla, one of the most famous of all water nymphs. Rejected on numerous occasions, Glaucus decides to seek the help of the enchantress Circe to help him win over the reluctant Scylla. Having her own desires for Glaucus, Circe denies his request and turns her wrath against Scylla. Putting together a poisonous mixture of plants, incantations and charms, Circe deposits them into the bay where Scylla bathes and transforms the once beautiful water nymph into a gruesome sea monster.

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