Every Night When the Sun Goes In



Composer(s) / Arranger(s): David Bobrowitz

Performance Time: 2:38  |  Grade: 2  |  Style: Contemporary, Jazz

Here is a brand new arrangement of the Appalachian song, Every Night When the Sun Goes In, or sometimes called, Every Night When the Sun Goes Down, or sometimes, just When the Sun Goes Down. The tune starts in a slow version with just the flute answered by the clarinet. At measure 17, the piece opens up into a driving swing rendition. The song continues to build, and at measure 35 the arranger ups the intensity by modulating up a whole step. At measure 52, although returning to the original key, the piece continues to swing with interjections by the percussion section. At measure 66, a wonderful swing ending closes out this exciting arrangement. This is a guaranteed winner that will get your audience clapping on beats 2 and 4, giving you a standing ovation, and most of all a great way for you to show off all sections of the band! 

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