In The Dark Shadows Of The Moon



Composer(s) / Arranger(s): Jon B. Brill

Performance Time: 3:32  |  Grade: 2 1/2  |  Style: Contemporary

In the Dark Shadows of the Moon was composed for the Carson City Orchestras and was premiered on April 23, 2015 for the Carson City “String Fling Concert.” The piece was first conceived in my mids as I was walking through the grocery store. After purchasing my groceries, I quickly drove home and began jotting down the melody and harmonies that would eventually form the framework for this piece. It is an aggressive piece, with a mixture of powerful eighth note rhythms that flow from one section to the next. Each section in the orchestra has its moment to shine as they are presented with melodic treatment throughout the piece. The title of the piece was inspired by a cold and chilly September night, where a lunar eclipse filled the sky with the dark shadow of the moon.

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