Jolly, Jingle, Jolly!



Composer(s) / Arranger(s): Gary P. Gilroy

Performance Time: 2:10  |  Grade: 1  |  Style: Contemporary

Jolly, Jingle, Jolly! was composed and dedicated to the Mark Twain Junior High School Bands

of Modesto, California, Brandon J. Price, Director. Mr. Price was a former high school and college student of the composer, Gary P. Gilroy. This composition is written for young bands enjoying their first concerts just before the Christmas Holiday. The arrangement uses the popular Christmas Carol Jolly Old Saint Nicholas. The work starts with the tingle of the triangle soon joined by the jingle of the sleigh bells. Once the clicking of the woodblocks or temple blocks begins, the ride is under way. A simple accompaniment is set and the melody soon makes its entrance. This popular Christmas tune is set using a limited number of notes and very basic rhythms to provide young beginners to perform some of their favorite holiday music. Some of the percussion orchestration is optional (bells & xylophone) although the triangle, sleigh bells, and wood blocks (or temple blocks) really set the tone of the arrangement. These instruments are readily available at a nominal cost for programs that do not already own them.

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