March of the Carousel Horses



Composer(s) / Arranger(s): David Bobrowitz

Performance Time: 2:13  |  Grade: 2  |  Style: Contemporary, March

Remember the first time as a child that you rode on a carousel horse? Do you recall the excitement and exhilaration that you experienced? That sense of fun is what is in store for your band and audience in this new piece by David Bobrowitz. The musical ride, is done in march format, and includes active and important parts for all players. The march opens with a catchy melody in the trumpets and alto saxes who then give way to the flutes and clarinets. At measure 28, the low brass with low register clarinets join in with the rest of the A section melody. At measure 46 we hear a second catchy tune which makes up the B section. Finally at measure 82, the A section returns, but this time we hear the upper w.w.’s playing an exciting new melody over the other two. We now have three exciting melody’s happening at the same time! The march draws to a conclusion at FF with all sections playing their important material. An absolute crowd pleaser that your band will want to play again and again!

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