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Grade 2 (2:23)

A Ruckus In Murphys

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Gary P. Gilroy
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"A Ruckus in Murphys was written for young bands that enjoy a challenge while learning a little about the rich history of the California gold rush. Murphys, California is located in the central Sierra Nevada foothills between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park, in Calaveras County, California. During its early days it was home or host to such notable folks as General Ulysses S. Grant, Mark Twain, Daniel Webster, and Charles Bolton, aka notorious outlaw "Black Bart." Today, Murphys is a vibrant, thriving community alive with art galleries and live theatre, eclectic shops, fine restaurants, and charming hotels and B&B's. The town was named for Daniel and John Murphy who settled the area in 1848, at the start of the great California gold rush. Shrewd traders and smart businessmen both, the brothers made their fortune supplying the legions of gold miners flocking to the area, and legend has it that they were millionaires by the time they turned 25. One day the 2 brothers started arguing about which one was the 'owner' of the camp, and after a bit of continued argument, decided to settle the issue with a show of strength, which really was nothing but a fist fight between two brothers - not uncommon, as you know if you have a brother (or sister). After rolling around in the dirt and mud for a few minutes, the 2 brothers actually fell into a mine pit, with the help of one of the town's mules. Fortunately for them, it was only about 30 feet deep, but slick on both sides, and about 6 feet in diameter. After each one got tired of only trying to rescue himself, they decided to work together, and back to back pushed off on the walls, and somehow with extreme effort, got themselves up and out. It was then that the brothers decided just to call the town "Murphys" instead of ""Murphy's"". Without the apostrophe, there was no "possession" of the town by either."

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