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Grade 3 (3:30)

Over Alagaësia

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Tyler Combs
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The Eragon books are a fabulous series detailing the adventures of a simple farm boy who was forced by fate to take the helm of a resistance movement and save the Dragon Riders from extinction. When he first flew with a dragon who had chosen him as its companion, imagine his surprise at suddenly finding himself miles above the ground he had never left his entire life! He was viewing his village for the first time from a bird's-eye view, or rather a dragon's-eye view. This piece captures the joy and exhilaration of this spectacular perspective; of a new experience that marks a turning point in your life; of soaring over AlagaŽsia.

It is dedicated to the University of the Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble on the occasion of their performance at the 2014 Western International Band Clinic, and their ever-energetic director, Dr. Eric Hammer. Without his tireless support and encouragement, the performance and this piece would have never come to fruition.

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