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Grade 3 1/2 (7:48)

With Quiet Reflection (for strings)

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Gary P. Gilroy
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"With Quiet Reflection was commission by Dr. Lawrence R. Sutherland and the Fresno Madera Counties Music Educators Association for the FMCMEA High School County Honor Orchestra. It was premiered on Sunday, January 17, 2010 with Dr. Sutherland conducting honor orchestra in Fresno, California. When Dr. Sutherland discussed a commission with composer Dr. Gary P. Gilroy his only request was that Gilroy create a lush work for strings, lyric in nature. Many of Gilroy's 100+ publications are rather wild, energetic, and often written for wind bands of one kind or another. This change of pace for Dr. Gilroy was a welcome challenge, although, would have never been possible without the expert help of his Fresno State colleague, Dr. Thomas Loewenheim, Conductor of the Fresno State Orchestra and professional cellist, and one of Gilroy's very talented conducting students, Miss Brook Okada, a violin major in Dr. Loewenheim's fine orchestra. Gilroy is very grateful for the guidance and assistance with bowings provided by Dr. Loewenheim and Miss Okada.

Just under seven minutes in length, With Quiet Reflection provides the performer with some passionate music to take the listen on a journey of calm and quiet reflection. The melodic material is accessible to the listener while stretching the performer with wide leaps and some moments of dramatic dissonance. The work is quite tonal with melodies, almost haunting in nature, that are meant to stay with the listener well beyond the live performance of the work. The opportunity to compose music for thin and transparent textures was very appealing to this "band" composer. Dr. Gilroy took full advantage of this in his exploration of extreme soft dynamic levels and then critically dramatic moments at much louder volumes. He found the possibilities most delightful. As if to replicate these extreme dynamic contrasts, Gilroy used both minor and major tonalities simultaneously in several key spots throughout the work to offer more tension and eventually release."

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