Fall 2021 Upcoming School Year Planning Tips

Posted Jun 22, 2021

Maestro Musings

As many schools are developing plans for the upcoming school year for in-person learning, music teachers are looking for music for their ensembles to learn to play. If you’re struggling to find a show for your marching band or a piece for your concert ensemble, below are a few tips to consider when looking for music for your students to play this fall. 

Keep your ensemble's musical strengths and weaknesses in mind. Always think about the younger, less experienced performers in your group so they can feel a sense of achievement after working on their part for some time. Picking slightly easier music is always a safe choice, especially for those ensembles coming off a year of distance learning. To challenge your more experienced players, look for music that has multiple parts per instrument, features specific sections, or features soloists

If your group progresses faster than anticipated, you can keep your students engaged by covering finer musical detail, adding more music to your ensemble’s repertoire, providing solo literature for your students, or giving your ensemble additional visual responsibility. Always select music you’re confident you can teach to your ensemble, and you know your ensemble can achieve. Coming back from distance learning is going to have its fair share of obstacles for students; getting to make music together should not be one of them.

Help #InspireTheNextGeneration with new and exciting (but achievable) music for your students to come back to.



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