Schoolyard Symphony



Composer(s) / Arranger(s): Richard Hembree

Performance Time: 5:04  |  Grade: 2  |  Style: Contemporary

Schoolyard Symphony was written in 2012 for Grade 2 concert band. The piece, which begins, and ends, with a school bell solo, depicts a lively playground during which "recess" is taking place. Included in this short symphony are the "March of the Kindergarteners", a playful rendition of "Sitting in a tree", a sweetheart's merry-go-round, a loner, a sixth-grade bully, and even a heroic champion who saves the day, all in the twenty-minute span of a recess session!

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  • Complete part set
  • Booklet or┬áspiral-bound score printed on archival-grade paper.
  • Full-color glossy score cover and jacket.
  • Composer biography.
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