Composer(s) / Arranger(s): Shaun Salem

Performance Time: 5:05  |  Grade: 3  |  Style: Contemporary

“Windfall” is the second work of the Wind Saga collection by Shaun Salem. The piece begins with a slow arpeggiated figure accompanying an English Horn soloist (which can be played by an Alto Saxophone soloist if English Horn is unavailable) performing a variation of the principle theme of the saga also heard in the first work, “Windrider.” Several solo and small ensemble opportunities continue to develop the piece, including important roles for the Trumpet, Oboe, and French Horn. A chorale brings the full ensemble into the soundscape, and the piece ends as it begins with the accompaniment figure from the introduction. Though no instructions are given in the score, there are moments in the work where it would be appropriately performed with the feel of a gentle rubato to allow soloists to lead the ensemble.

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  • Complete part set
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