Drumline Stand Jams Volume 2



Composer(s) / Arranger(s): Aaron Hines,

Performance Time:

With minimal learning time spent by the players, these Jams will:
• Entertain your crowd during time-outs
• Pump them up during critical game moments
• Show off your percussion section
• Give your winds a chop break
• Reserve rehearsal time for learning competition/halftime music

This edition of five jams is called “Expansion Pack” and includes:
• two “quickie” beats for in-between plays
• one longer beat for kick-offs or a much-needed “hype”
• two extended beats that can be played at timeouts or while trooping the stands. The extended beats can even be used for parades or as a cadence!

We’ve made it as simple as possible for your or your drum majors with our “Quick Reference Guide” - This “cheat sheet” is a one-page, condensed reference sheet that you can have at-the-ready on the ladder to pick a Jam that fits the game-time situation, so you can call it fast with the correct tempo and sketch of the Jam pattern.

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