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Grade 3 (7:31)

Sketches On A Dreamsong

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Christopher J. Tootle
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"Sometime between the fall and winter of 2005 I dreamed a dream. And in that dream was a melody. I tried to go back to sleep, but the Dreamsong kept repeating in my ear. Finally, I got up and wrote it down.

In my dream the melody was slow, as heard in the low brass and low woodwinds at rehearsal mark R. I quickly discovered that the tune worked well in many different ways. In Ionian, Dorian, inverted, fast, slow, in canon, and in different combinations of these. The core of the melody is introduced in a simple musical sunrise based on the three main pitches: so, re, do (in Ionian) or do, so, fa (in Dorian).

The Dorian section at rehearsal mark D is a quick folk-like version. The Clarinet soli at letter J is my humble attempt at composing in Palestrina's pure polyphonic style. At letter L the Dorian and Ionian modes are briefly combined. The canon just after Letter N is just one other way that this simple and interesting Dreamsong developed itself. I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with this melody. I hope that performers and audience members will enjoy these ""Sketches on a Dreamsong"" just as much."

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