Drumline Stand Jams Volume 1



Composer(s) / Arranger(s): Aaron Hines

Performance Time:

Eight high-impact grooves for game-time

Excitement and sizzle in the stands couldn't be simpler!

New from GPG Music and composer Aaron Hines, we're excited to introduce "Drumline Stand Jams, First Edition"! These groovin' beats are easy to learn for your players and simple to use for directors and staff. With minimal learning time spent by the players, these Jams will:

*Entertain your crowd during time-outs
*Pump them up during critical game moments
*Show off your percussion section
*Give your winds a chop break
*Reserve rehearsal time for learning competition/halftime music

This edition of eight Jams is called "The Essentials" and includes four "quickie" beats for in-between plays, two longer beats for kick-offs or a much-needed "hype", and two extended beats that can be played at timeouts or while trooping the stands. The extended beats can even be used for parades or as a cadence!

The length of each Jam is completely flexible on-the-fly using built-in optional repeats and cuts. DIRECTORS: We've made it as simple as possible for you or your drum majors with our "Quick Reference Guide" included at no extra cost! This "cheat sheet" is a one-page, condensed reference sheet that you can have at-the-ready on the ladder to pick a Jam that fits the game-time situation, so you can call it fast with the correct tempo and sketch of the Jam pattern.

This edition is very accessible and exactly what you need if you don't have extra rehearsal time to spend on material for the stands. These Jams are proven to be effective and valuable. They have been used for decades by high school and college drum lines of all sizes and ability levels across the United States. Since they can be learned very quickly, you won't have to sacrifice excessive rehearsal time that could be dedicated to learning competition or halftime music. And each year is easier and easier since incoming members will recognize the Jams and can be taught quickly by returning members.

Drumline Stand Jams will provide great entertainment for your crowd, a streamlined learning process, and best of all: your drummers will love to play them!

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