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Performance Time: 4:08
Grade: A Class

Movements Composer(s)/Arranger(s) Samples
1. Journey to the Kingdom of the Dead Dan Bryan & Aaron Hines
Audio Sample
Score Sample
2. Afterlife
3. The Fire Rages
Drill Designer
Video IconVideo Drill Sample Jeff Fackler

Drill Sets: 45
Custom Adapted Drill: $945.00
Adapt-it-Yourself Drill$595.00

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Drill Sizes
2 Snare 1 Tenor 4 Bass 1 Cymbal 8 Total
3 Snare 2 Tenor 5 Bass 2 Cymbal 12 Total
4 Snare 2 Tenor 5 Bass 3 Cymbal 14 Total

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What lies below us? The myths of Hades, Orpheus and the Ferryman are brought to new life in this foreboding musical journey through the realms of earth's farthest reaches.



  • Original compositions, not arrangements.
  • Available immediately.
  • Written with accessible parts for front ensemble and battery.
  • 8 1/2 x 11 Scores and parts delivered electronically.
  • Site exclusive to guarantee that you're the only ensemble playing your show at your contests.
  • 3, 4, and 5 bass drum parts.
  • Sound FX used in the show.
  • Downloadable Student Practice Files with a recording of Full Percussion, Front Ensemble Only, Battery Only, Snares Only, Tenors Only, Basses Only, and Cymbals Only.